Every day that inventory is available and left unused, is a day lost and hence loss in revenue. This challenge is faced in every industry that deals with perishable commodities such as Car/Auto Rentals, Airline Reservations, Hotel Rooms or Spa Appointments.

And if the inventory is available in scarcity, especially in peak season, the inventory should now be sold at a premium so that the business can maximise the revenue.

Your Challenges That We Solve

Unused Inventory

Having unused inventory at hand is a high opportunity cost

Lack of Artificial Intelligence | Inventory Based Marketing | Sokrati

Lack of Artificial Intelligence

Without any AI predict demand and forecasting supply causes returns to dip

Seasonal Consumption

Generation of demand cannot be controlled due to seasonality


Offers to accelerate inventory movement dilutes brand value

Archaic Methods are Hardly Enough

Traditional methods create huge inefficiencies and increase acquisition costs. Manual management works on subjectivity without interpreting the movement of inventory. Campaigns are thus optimised for cost of acquisition, instead of cost of idle inventory.

There is no consideration of opportunity cost for unused resources.

Our Solution

Sokrati has invented dynamic velocity based algorithms using Machine Learning techniques. We analyse the past, current and future to predict the demand using supply forecast algorithms.

These algorithms look into your past booking information and seasonality and device a supply forecast using moving window techniques. Based on forecast of supply, the demand generation algorithms then generate suitable demand.

These techniques thus maximise usage and increase the revenues for the company along with lowering your cost of acquisition.