90% of your Leads are left idle. Surprised?
It’s true. Up to 90% of your leads acquired through various channels don’t convert for you, usually due to the prospect being unreachable. At Sokrati, we don’t let any lead remain ‘lost’.

Lead Nurturing isn’t an Option

Your brand needs to be on top of the customers’ minds. However, allow your customers time to think and consider.

Studies show that high-value items is a tipping point for comparison shopping. Let your customers compare and give them reasons to choose you.

Up-sell with bundled products and offerings seamlessly to nurture brand loyalty.

Move Beyond Archaic Methods

Tele-Calling: Calls could encroach on privacy and brings fatigue
Generic outbound messaging: One size doesn’t fit all.
Single channel of Communication: An average customer uses at least 3 channels. Be where they are.
Treating all leads Equally: Create priority buckets based on probability of conversion – hot, warm, cold, etc.

Recommended Methods

Multichannel Lead Nurturing

Be Where They Are.
Communicate with customers based on their recent-most channel touch point. Make the messaging subtle and non-obtrusive.

Personalized Content

Interact with your customers about the product or service they’ve shown interest in and personalise your messages accordingly. This earns about 6X higher revenue than generic messages.

Auto Lead Scoring

Lead to conversion rate is 21 times higher if communicated within 5 minutes of nurturing vs 30 minutes automated prospect harvesting takes place based on the engagement pattern. The leads are algorithmically categorized into “hot”, “warm” and “cold”. Real time notification along with “nurturing context” is sent to the sales agents to speak to “hot” prospect to convert.

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