“Make a customer, not a sale.”

Sokrati pursues and holds your customers’ attention.

Retention Marketing is the new competitive battleground. Your competitor is vying for your customer’s attention and only your A-Game on a daily basis can retain them to stick with your brand. We are your A-Game. Rich web behavioral data becomes available after a user visits your site or app. Multiple channels can be used to pursue them, and statistical models can predict the probability of a user converting for a product on any given day.

Your Challenges That We Solve

User Decision Cycles

Don’t generalise communications while trying to influence decisions

Cross Channel Communication

Be coherent and visible with stories across channels and devices

Relevant Engagement

App usage reduces to under 10% within 7 days of user acquisition, due to lack of relevant engagement

Our Solution

Studying User Behavior

We Study Audience Behavior
Questions we ask to understand your users’ site or app interactions:

  • Which factors determine the probability of conversion?

  • What characteristics and behavior define your loyal users?

  • What actions do their immediate pre-conversion behavior entail?

Studying User Behavior | Retention Marketing | Sokrati

Predictive Clustering

  • Leverage all available event intelligence including recent activity, frequency of visits, time spent browsing, products/page viewed etc. to create audience clusters. This would help predict the probability of conversions for a product.

  • Personalised communication per cluster.

  • Create appropriate message and choose the most appropriate delivery channel, schedule and frequency based on their interactions and cluster.

Personalized Communication

  • Leverage the event information such as recent activity, frequency of visits, time spent on the website, products / pages viewed etc to create audience clusters by predicting the probability of conversion for a product.

    Users + Product -> High – Medium – Low Probability Clusters

Personalized Communication | Retention Marketing | Sokrati

Delivery | Retention Marketing | Sokrati


Personalized communication designed for each user based on the products they showed interest in and the cluster that the belong to.

Appropriate delivery channel, schedule and frequency chosen for each user based on their interaction with past communication and the cluster that they are a part of.