We’ve launched 3 channel specific apps that will help you set up & manage ad spend in Facebook, Google Shopping & Instagram, with some killer automation:

  1. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads by Sokrati. Now don’t just add your entire product catalog to Facebook & pray for results, Sokrati chooses the best products based on past site behavior & Industry data to target the right audience sets for optimized conversions.
  2. Instagram Product Ads by SokratiOptimize targeting using attributes such as demographics, behavioral and interest cues across re-marketing and look-alikes audiences to get results aligned to your business goals.
  3. Google Shopping Ads by SokratiWith Google Shopping, you can now achieve business goals even at scale, with even millions of products in your catalog! Sokrati automates all your product ad processes of ad creation & optimized bidding, and also goes a step forward with image & text enhancements to ensure optimized click through rates.

There are currently 20+ retailers using these apps, and we expect more this month! Try them out on Shopify & Bigcommerce now!