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Persona-Mapping and Innovative Targeting Helps CaratLane Change Buyer Perceptions towards Online Jewelry Purchasing.

The Goal

CaratLane needed to get the attention of Section-A households and purchasers who are digitally savvy and are well-versed with making premium purchases online. The online jewelry retailer also needed to boost solitaire purchases and leverage lucrative purchasing triggers, such as important festivals.

The Approach

Using persona-mapping focused on upscale and style-savvy buyers, Sokrati’s impressive campaigns affected direct reactions and conversions. E.g. Functional ornaments were showcased to high-travel affinity audience, through elegant, brand-focus creatives, without mention of prices.

The Solution

Sokrati also studied ‘How Does One Like Being Spoken To’ and used the learnings in messaging campaigns, using Search, Display and Facebook along with Remarketing. The brand ensured that funnel quality was not being sacrificed and created a premium consumption pattern. This saw a steady flow of new audience. The brand developed account histories and ensured that traffic and conversion goals were met on festival days. During peak seasons, Sokrati ensured that promotions were started well before competitors, revising traffic goals to stream in slowly, to be entirely prepared for an upsurge on the main days.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Increase in revenue month-on-month


Improvement on conversion


Improvements on visit costs, bounce rates & time spent on site


Improvement in conversion rates during festivals


We effectively leveraged core, look-alike and custom audiences with Sokrati to meet our goal of growing new acquisitions and repeat buyers, while leveraging Google Search and Facebook. For new acquisitions and conversions, Sokrati’s Persona Solutions tool came in handy as it provides data-backed solutions to meet requirements of high AOV shoppers.

Siddharth Kapoor, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, CaratLane
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