Housejoy is a leading at-home services provider that connects home service professionals to the customers. The pioneer in introducing the geo targeted technology in the home services segment in all 5 cities across the 12 categories that it operates in, Housejoy has been able to organize a highly fragmented sector and provide a smooth, fully-automated interface for customers and service providers.


Reaching out to each and every potential customer to achieve volume
Controlling the CPB while overcoming category-specific challenges

The Solution: Media Blueprint

Having a wide array of at-home repair, cleaning & beauty services to offer across five cities in the country, Housejoy wanted to reach out to each and every potential customer at precisely the right moment of their online activity (i.e. “micro-moments”) with an ad messaging as relevant & personal as possible to get them onboard. Since most of these potential customers turn to Google Search when in need of a plumber, a carpenter or a beautician, it was important to establish a strong presence across all relevant search queries on the Search Network. After doing an extensive keyword research, we launched 450+ search campaigns comprising 10,000+ Keywords segmented on the basis of different services, locations, and devices. This set-up, followed by frequent, extensive broad to exact keyword migrations, ensured that we were present at every possible micro-moment of relevance to Housejoy’s business.

Winning the Moments that Matter

Having established an exhaustive presence on the Search Network, our next goal was to make the most of every single auction our keywords participated in. We launched several Ad Copy Experiments in order to determine the kind of messaging that established the strongest connect with Housejoy’s consumers and also the placement of offer messaging in the Expanded Text Ads that would fetch us the maximum CTRs. As a result, we were able to steadily improve the CTRs by more than 40%.

On Social platforms, extensive micro-experiments powered by Sokrati’s Creative Analytics and Persona Targeting enabled the team to map top performing creatives, ad copies, and service category with high intent audience cohorts resulting in >30% increase in CTR.

Getting Users On-Board

Merely getting the right user on to the relevant page was not enough – it was also important to understand the blockers in the conversion funnel and devise a user journey that would result in the best possible conversion rates. We carried out multiple landing page experiments to decide on the landing page experience and as a result were able to improve the overall conversion rates by nearly 25%, with the improvement being as much as 100% for certain categories.

Efficiency & Scale – Lethal Combination

As we scaled up the spends month-on-month, it was crucial to direct the additional spends to the best-performing targeting buckets. This was achieved by regular keyword, location, & device optimizations. We also analyzed the quantity and quality of traffic on the different hours of the day and made sure that relevant optimizations are in place that enable us to maximize on the intent of users. This helped in maintaining the CPB within desired limits while we kept on increasing the bookings volume.

While scaling up, Housejoy had a special focus on categories like Beauty, which has the highest recurring booking rate among all categories, making it imperative that we acquire as many new customers as possible. We were able to double the number of bookings for the Beauty Services category, halving the Cost/Booking while doing so.

Whilst we continued to scale on Search, Display campaigns were frequently used to not only showcase our service offering but also create brand awareness in cities where the end customer has multiple options to choose from. Google’s Smart Display Campaign enabled us to fetch additional bookings at a Cost/Booking less than that for search. By making use of Sokrati’s in-house display banners specially designed to maximize CTRs, we were able to increase the overall bookings volume by another 15% using this channel.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Increase in scale over a period of 9 months


Decrease in Cost for Beauty Category


We’ve been able to reach our booking targets effectively with Sokrati, thanks to their impactful and data-backed strategies. The team has worked hand-in-hand with us throughout, helping us successfully leverage Google & Facebook. It was a truly great experience working with Team Sokrati!

Sumon Chandra, Head of Digital Marketing
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