IndiaCircus achieves all-time low CPA with Sokrati Optimizers

The Goal

IndiaCircus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable lifestyle products, ranging from classy home décor to quirky personal accessories. All of their products are inspired by a dash of Indian-ness, ringing of cultural dignity.They aimed to build a strong customer base interested in premium home décor and personal accessories, and at the same time steer away from audiences that prefer to purchase using coupons.

The Approach

IndiaiCircus constantly optimize their campaigns to have a healthy return on ad investments.

The 2 challenges for IndiaCircus were
– Audience identification
– Product catalog changes

Sokrati’s Solution | Fast fashion, fresh content
  • Identification of relevant audience- This was the most crucial exercise that has helped us to scale campaigns. Understanding the user profile (who like IndiaCircus page or bought from IndiaCircus or its competitors) has efficiently helped us bring qualified leads to the site with higher conversion rates.
  • We split custom audiences by types, E.g. Buyers, registered users, buyers of a specific category, buyers of bright-coloured products, etc. Product merchandising with Sokrati’s ‘Who buys What’ intelligence and fine graining of Custom Audiences and Lookalikes based on Sokrati Personas mapped the right product to be marketed to the right audience bucket.
  • Identification of new products on the catalog- New additions to the catalog has always been a hit. 16% of the revenue in the last 3 months was generated from new additions. Refreshing ads with the latest products from the website using Sokrati F5 added to the relevance to audience looking for those products, each time fresh designs were unveiled.
  • Identification of the right platform and device-level targets: Identifying that users usually carrying an ipad or smartphones and are comfortable buying on-the-go. This helped us to expand our mobile campaigns and bring a lot more traction from the mobile site, driving 50% conversions. The sessions increased by 21% ever since we started mobile.
  • Sokrati Optimizers ensured spends are efficient based on signals such as Cost per Transaction, Revenue, CTR, and CPC.
Key Wins
Their Success | Quality and efficiency


Increase in Repeat Customers in 6 Months


Lower Acquisition Costs


With the help of Sokrati’s intelligence, relevant maps were created between our products and subsets of our custom and lookalike audiences. This, coupled with Sokrati’s ROI Optimizers we achieved all-time low CPAs. Sokrati is on our side and has helped us scale to where we are.

Hadi Curtay, Co-Founder & Director, IndiaCircus
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