GoPetPlan becomes a verb for pet insurance seekers in the US.

The Goal

GoPetPlan wanted to aggressively gather market share while ensuring better and consistent ROI.

To achieve this the brand sought higher visibility with their target audience.

The Solution

By analyzing daily trends for 3 months, the brand identified best and least profitable timings in the day to display their ads and ensure maximum impressions return. Using this intelligence GoPetPlan accordingly adjusted its bids and gained maximum conversions. The entire conversion funnel was tracked to gauge where and when the results are best and least, and the best-converting keywords were promoted from Lead to Sale.

Using persona mapping, the brand identified customized messages for drop-off clients and remarketed these to these buckets improving conversions and increasing brand visibility. Using cohort analysis on bids during specific times, Sokrati identified the best-converting periods and budgets were accordingly distributed.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Costs to run Ads were slashed


Drop in irrelevant impressions due to reduced wastage of spend


Reduced CPL with Persona Mapping


It’s refreshing to work with an agency that sets a high bar for their SLAs. Sokrati’s turn-around time is excellent, far better than we’ve received from past partners. They’ve helped us stay on top despite rapidly escalating competition in our industry.

Ryan Ireland, Director of Interactive Marketing, Petplan Pet Insurance, North America
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