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Shoppers stop expands audience reach while bringing down Acquisition Cost

The Goal

With the highly competitive fashion e-commerce segment, the bidding wars have pushed CPCs on Search & Social to an all time high for the most coveted keyword themes. Shoppers Stop needed to explore an alternate channel to bring in newer audiences at an optimum cost.

The Solution

One cannot solve this with More Ads, we do it by Better Ads. Sokrati identified promoting quality Content through Native Advertising that held an untapped potential for e-Commerce players.

Effective targeting on Taboola with the right mix of marketing communication was crucial to engage with new audiences while bringing down the costs.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Increase in Sessions for Content Marketing within 3 months


Iincrease in New Users every month maintaining the cost


Reduction in CPC by the end of 3rd month


Slashing the Cost per Session


The idea was to promote content marketing for the fashion industry. This was a way to showcase in-house brands of Shoppers Stop as well as introduce the e-Commerce site to a fresh audience. The concept worked really well for us

Team Shoppers Stop
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