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Sokrati helps Snapdeal gain a competitive edge with rapid new user acquisitions, installs and transactions

The Goal

Understanding that the best way to reach their primary audience is through Google Search and Facebook, Snapdeal set about improving visibility for highly-relevant searches and increasing app installs. The cumulative effect helped the brand build a highly relevant audience, and achieve better ROI at much lower costs.

The Approach

Using 10-Link Carousel ads the brand saw an improvement of 2% in conversions within 24 hours. With Sokrati’s persona-mapping and optimizers, Snapdeal achieved 50% less cost per install than other eCommerce companies on Twitter, 15% more relevant traffic, and reduced cost per conversion by 15%.

The Solution

A highly granular campaign structure, and automated keyword sets helped Snapdeal launch 100+ campaigns almost instantaneously. This helped the brand build better relevance with higher traffic on specific searches. A tightly-themed ad group structure helped in creating relevant ad copies, resulting in higher ad quality scores. This led to 20% reduction in cost per click.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Month-on-month improvement in efficiency


Reduction in cost per lead within 6 months


Improvement in iOS installs


Sokrati is extremely data-driven, and every single detail is studied, acted upon and reported using pure analytics. They spend our money as their own, ensuring every bit counts, having gone two steps beyond any other partner we have worked with.

Anirudh Kumar, AVP Online Marketing, Snapdeal
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