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Tolexo Delivers Volume with Sokrati.

The Goal

Tolexo is one of the largest online portals for industrial and business goods, with a portfolio of over a million products spread across 28 categories. Operating within the niche B2B E-Commerce space, the business model faced unique challenges in its journey, such as focus on bulk orders, emphasis on bottom funnel activities, and cost rationalization.

Sokrati has been preferred performance partners to Tolexo since September 2014, and has since helped implement a robust and scalable digital marketing strategy for maximising user acquisitions and order volume, while surpassing the previous benchmarks in B2B performance parameters.

The Approach

Sokrati deploys proprietary in-house targeting and optimization technologies which work across Google and Facebook to achieve Tolexo’s business goals. With these algorithms and our expert team of strategists, we are constantly able to optimize on key activities including product catalog management, targeting/retargeting, bidding and ad serving. Here’s what we did to achieve our key wins:

Catalog Segmentation – Beginning with a full catalog, our intelligent catalog management solution worked on increasing focus towards better performing products while optimizing overall costs by controlling traffic to the broader product portfolio. Additional alerts related to product outage, price mismatch and feed errors were also setup to minimize downtime. This helps in driving scale profitably while maintaining visibility for the complete catalog, while also maintaining a healthy ROI.

Retargeting Campaigns – With a focus on building a base of loyal repeat users, a multichannel retargeting strategy was implemented catering to known consumers. We reach the known audience segment on their preferred digital channels with customized creatives and messaging, ensuring these campaigns deliver a sustainably high volume of bulk orders.

Intelligent Bidding – Our proprietary predictive bid algorithm ingests user behavioral patterns and data from millions of auctions to predict bids and correspondingly auctions across ideal SKUs, best-performing categories and brands. This technology helps in operating within prescribed ROAS thresholds while maximizing scale.

Other Optimisations – Product and brand-level algorithms from Sokrati helps tackle seasonality and search volume through real-time bid bucket modification. Hourly ad-scheduling using Sokrati’s Ad Scheduling tool with constant keyword additions assists in showcasing all categories and latest product catalogs. Further, dynamic and timely addition of effective negative keywords and maintaining feed hygiene aids in the performance of all the remarketing ads, improving click-throughs, tightening relevance, and eliminating wasteful ad spends.

Key Wins
Key Wins


Increase in Facebook order volume with 30% reduction in cost


Increase in PLA order volume with 50% reduction in the cost


Increase in month-on-month order volume of Google, with a cumulative reduction of 50% in cost per transaction over 6 months.


Sokrati has built a fantastic technology platform to deliver better campaigns, and that is one big differentiating factor. Sokrati’s team is an exceptional bunch of guys. The quickest possible execution that you can get, with the least amount of errors, potentially would be from the Sokrati team. What we did in 4 months with Sokrati, it’d have taken 7-8 months with another company. This is one big value-add for an eCommerce business, as if you can scale quicker, surely you have a much bigger edge over competitors, and this is where Sokrati has been exceptionally helpful.

Brijesh Agrawal, Founder & CEO, Tolexo
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