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Voler Cars is India’s premier self drive car rental service offering the best quality of cars at affordable prices. Voler Cars has been a part of the transport industry for over 8 years with the widest variety of cars available across various cities of India, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to drive the car of their choice.

The Goal

Car rental platforms typically face the challenge of changing consumer preferences and market seasonality. With lead times often stretching to multiple days, Voler Cars needed to plan ahead for peak demand to efficiently utilize their inventory. In addition to this, Voler Cars also faced a high Cost-per-Booking on their website making it difficult to scale and generate good returns on their ad spends.

The Approach

Sokrati designed and implemented a holistic digital marketing strategy to acquirenot only the active car renters but also identify a universe of non-car renters who could be persuaded to become users of Voler Cars eventually.The account management team at Sokrati leveraged Sokrati’s Keyword Builder to build a granular account structure by regular search term analysis and also taking into consideration the most popular and high margin inventory, and offers for specific locations. Sokrati’s Bid Optimizers helped the team to optimally use the marketing budget by adopting a differential bidding approach for top-performing hours of the day, days of the week and unused inventory leading to a 4X increase in conversion rates on the website.

Keyword Builder | Voler - Case Study | Merkle - Sokrati

Using Sokrati’s Creative Analytics&Persona Targeting, on Social channels, the team targeted wider audiences with relevant ad copies and creatives that could generate demand in focus cities translating to a 1.5x increase in CTR.

Creative Analytics | Voler Case Study | Merkle Sokrati

Furthermore, with Chuknu, Sokrati’s proprietary analytics, and tracking solution, the team was able to segment website visitors basis their behavior on the website and devise highly effective remarketing campaigns across multiple devices which would bring users back to the booking funnel, thus resulting in incremental bookings of cars at a very optimal cost.

Key Wins
Key Wins
Backed by strong data analytics and industry expertise, over a period of 8 months, the team witnessed:


increase in car bookings through performance channel


decrease in Cost-per-Car-Booking through performance channel


Sokrati came onboard with us as our extended digital marketing team. Their data-driven approach and expertise in Travel vertical has not only helped Voler Cars to optimize the cost per booking on the websitebut has also helped us in better inventory planning, especially during peak seasons. I would highly recommend the Sokrati team to any marketeer who’s looking for performance marketing experts who can help them scale up their online business at an optimal cost.

Sumit Verma, Head of Digital Marketing, Voler Cars
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