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The fashion app used inspiring visuals in mobile app ads to encourage people to install and engage with its app in the long term.

The Goal Fashion for Everyone

Created in Bangalore, Wooplr is a mobile app that allows women to discover the latest styles through a community of fashion enthusiasts. Women can share their outfits, browse photos and shop the look by buying the clothes and accessories tagged in the photos.

Wooplr had big growth ambitions. It wanted to drive at least 2,000 daily app installs from Facebook. It also wanted to avoid having to constantly acquire new customers by finding the right people who would engage and stick with the app.

The Approach | Quality installs

Owing to the fact that fashion and apparel is a highly competitive E-Commerce realm, Sokrati identified Facebook amongst other popular channels as the key growth partner for ShoppersStop.com.

The Solution | Fast fashion, fresh content

Wooplr used Facebook Ads to guide style hunters on their journey of discovery, offering them fashion inspiration, trend alerts and practical tips and demos. The first stage of its campaign aimed to drive installs. The company later explored more advanced targeting tools to boost app engagement.

Launching the campaign :
To kick off its campaign, Wooplr ran mobile app ads for installs in 2 formats—video and carousel. The carousel format allowed it to showcase multiple images in a single ad. The company mapped out its audience and used interests targeting to reach people with diverse interests with a range of formats and targeted creative. The ad copy encouraged women to discover their inner fashionista and emphasised how Wooplr makes shopping fast, fun and convenient.

Personalisation :
Wooplr tailored its content and creative for different audience segments—a strategy that helped the company achieve high click-through rates. For example, it showed 25- to 30-year-old women living in urban areas Diwali outfit ideas that were chic, on-trend, suited to their lifestyle and easy to mix. When speaking to younger women, the company adjusted its tone to be more edgy and bold. Wooplr also retargeted people who had already installed the app, showing them ads with news and products to encourage them to make an in-app fashion purchase.

Ramping up the targeting :
In phase 2, Wooplr used even more precise targeting to boost app retention and engagement rates. Once it had built up a significant user base, it created a Custom Audience from them. It then used Lookalike Audiences to find people on Facebook with similar characteristics. This ensured the company efficiently reached the people who would be most likely to engage with its app. It ran the ads across both Facebook and Instagram from June 20, 2015–February 20, 2016, managing them through Power Editor.

Products used

  • Adverts
  • Carousel
  • Core Targeting
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Apps
  • App Installs

Their Creative, Timing is everything :
Wooplr created relevant content scheduled around festivals (Diwali), topical events (music festival Sunburn) and seasonal occasions (New Year’s Eve) that it knew its audience would be planning outfits for. Understanding that fashion fans are looking for visual inspiration and practical tips, it shared video tutorials to help people achieve a certain look.

Fashion moves fast, so Wooplr ensured its content was of-the-moment by adopting a weekly publishing cycle that looked ahead to upcoming trends.For example, it shared street style ideas for December and beauty hacks for January so people could get a glimpse of the latest trends and receive seasonal advice. It also refreshed the creative for the app install ads every 2 days so people were constantly discovering something new.

Key Wins
Their Success | Quality and efficiency

Timely, inspiring creative and personalised content helped Wooplr drive quality app installs in a short period of time. Video proved to be a particularly successful format.


App Installs in 3 months


increase in month-on-month installs


increase in app engagement after 3 months


higher app engagement rate than other advertising platforms


higher click-through rate


higher conversion rate using video ads


Facebook has been our top acquisition and engagement channel from the very beginning. Facebook provided the most unique features and diverse options to reach out to our exact audience, in the most relevant way. With help from Sokrati, we’ve consistently acquired the highest quality users and kept our cost per install well below the targeted range.

Mr. Praveen Rajaretnam, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Wooplr
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