Travel. The underestimated backbone of the economy.

Let’s face it – no one throngs at railway stations for a Tatkal ticket, or rings a travel agent for a flight ticket or a car convoy for a weekend getaway anymore. Few hail cabs and ricks in the middle of the road, and even fewer visit trip planners to plan that next international vacation.

India has embraced the digital travel industry happily, for the love of convenience. Consumers, especially Millennials, are cutting back on material expenditure in favour of spending on experiences.

Search maybe the best solution to reach high-intent consumers, personalised offers across Social channels remain most influential in shaping travel decisions.


Identifying Demand

Travel marketers not only need to focus on getting the most customers, but to attract the most qualified customers. The limited timeframe for which a user is in the decision making funnel before making a travel booking means a small window of opportunity

Expanding to New Locations

After identifying the expansion opportunity, successfully penetrating into a new geography can prove to be a challenge due to limited brand presence

Competition, Pricing, and Retention

The high ticket sizes in the travel industry translate to price-sensitive competition within the industry. The users often research pricing across multiple providers before final bookings. Retention becomes a challenge and efforts to bait users through cashback in exclusive wallets become ineffective

Ineffective inventory utilization due to fluctuating demand

Unused inventory is the common challenge across the travel industry – unsold Holiday packages, vacant Hotel rooms or unutilized fleet for car rentals. The peak seasons experience the flipside with scarce inventory. An effective marketing strategy should take the inventory availability into account at a real-time basis to maximize returns during both the off and peak seasons.

The Sokrati Way

We brought reach and scale for Ola. We’ve faced tough competition from all our competitors in the Travel space, and healthily managed to keep our client partners right on top.

Targeting the Right Audience

Sokrati’s persona based targeting helps you reach the most qualified audience with the right promotions: from high-value bookings for a Metro professional looking for a family holiday to budget holiday for an adventure-seeking college student.

Vernacular Ads

Nothing connects better with people than relevant content in their native language. Sokrati’s vernacular support ensures your brand creates a lasting impression wherever you may choose to expand

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Mobile First

Much of the travellers’ interaction happens through mobile channels. If you have a travel app, our Retention Marketing solution post-install helps you engage your customers throughout the active travel and post-travel. This not only improves the retention metrics but increases the probability of a repeat booking

Inventory Intelligence

Real-time integrations with our clients’ inventory management systems ensure the digital efforts are inline with the available inventory

Marketing Technologies Used

Inventory Marketing
Acquisition Marketing
Retention Marketing